Western Writer

I recently read two books by  J.A. Jance.  She writes books mainly centered in the west where I live.  She has several series that she writes and they all are well worth reading.  Her longest series is about  J P Beaumont, a Seattle police detective. The series has 22 books so far.  Another series is about Joanna Brady who is a County Sheriff in southeastern Arizona.  There are 17 in that series so far.  A another series is about Ali Reynolds, a former LA news anchor who resides in Sedona, AZ and there are 10 in the series.

If you are like me and read a book by an author which you like and can’t wait to read more this author is a good one to try because she has so many books available you won’t run out of reading material. I have read  almost all of her books and have never been disappointed.  The characters are realistic and the plots are well written with the stories moving right along and holding your interest until the end. Give her a try, I don’t think you will be disappointed.


I’m back

I have been having several medical emergencies that have been resolved so will now resume writing reviews.  Please join me.

Private Investigator Mystery

The book today is Sentimental Over You by Gary Ettari.  It is the first book about Johnny Suede, a Las Vegas lounge singer by night and private detective specializing in missing children by day. If you like tough PIs and good story telling you will like this book.  There are plenty of surprises and action along the way.

SUEDE is hired to find a 10 year old girl named Lucy by her mother and aunt.  Lucy disappeared while walking home from school. SUEDE starts his investigation and is getting nowhere when Candace, the mother, is murdered. SUEDE with the help of some friends finds Lucy and solves the case.  I highly recommend this book.

I received this book as a trade paperback thru Goodreads first reads.  It is also available in ebook format.

World War II Mystery

I read Billy Boyle by James R. Benn in ebook format but it is also available in hardback and paperback.  This book is the first book in a series about Billy Boyle, special investigator for General Eisenhower and there are 9 books so far in the series.

The book opens with Billy on a drafty and cold B-17 headed to England.  He had joined the army hoping his connections thru his mother would get his a cushy job.  Instead he was on his way to see his uncle General Eisenhower to become in special investigator.

General Eisenhower wants him to find a spy that has infiltrated Operation Juno which is an allied operation centered on Norway. Billy wonders if he up to the task since he had barely passed the detective exam with his family’s help and only has 5 years experience investigating.

Billy just gets started investigating when a murder occurs.  The story unfolds with Billy trying to solve the case against the backdrop of the war and a fledgling love interest.

This book is great summer read. The author has done a good job creating the main character and the world he lives in.  I will definitely read more books in the series.  If you like Todd Charles books you should like this book.


I want to spend a little time discussing ereaders. Have you made the leap into the digital world of books yet?

I have 3 ereaders, the oldest is a EB 11-50 which I used to download books from Fictionwise Books.  Fictionwise was purchased by Barnes and Noble and the format used by the reader was discontinued. So, I use it mostly for copyright free material that I can still download in the ereaders format.

I then purchased a 7 inch Nook color which has become the reader that I take to doctor appointments or anywhere I will have to kill time.

My third ereader is a 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD which I use mostly as a tablet but also use to read ebooks.

If you are thinking about buying an ereader or have one already there is website that I would like to recommend.  It’s Mobileread.com where you can find information on all the ereaders.  It’s a peer to peer site that contains all kinds of useful information from the latest tech news to solving problems. Check it out.

Historical Mystery

I picked this book up in a paperback edition but it is also available in ebook.   The name of the book is A Letter of Mary by Laurie R. King.  This is the third book in a series that spans thirteen books with the fourteenth coming out next spring.  The story centers around Sherlock Holmes and the main character his wife, Mary Russell Holmes.

Holmes has retired to the countryside to raise bees and do chemical experiments while his wife studies theology through ancient texts. The stories are set in the 1920s.

This story starts with an unexpected visit from an old friend from Egypt named Miss Dorothy Ruskin who is an amateur archaeologist.  She has come to see the couple about an ornate box that was given to her by a native worker as a thank you. Inside the box is a tattered scroll that appears to be a letter from Mary Magdalene.  Miss Ruskin asks the couple to safeguard the box and letter for her.

Soon after leaving the Holmes residence Miss Ruskin is hit by a car when crossing the street and is killed. Mary, with help from Sherlock soon discovers it is murder.  The race is on to find out who killed her and why.

I enjoyed this book.  I have always been a fan of Sherlock Holmes and Ms. King does an excellent job of weaving elements of the original canon into her story. The inner play between the two main characters is very entertaining.  The plot is well done and fools up to the end. Will definitely read more books in this series.

Cozy Mystery

First book I am going to discuss is a cozy mystery titled A Finely Knit Murder by Sally Goldenbaum.  I received this book through Goodreads first reads and is the first book I have read by this author. This is a series about the members of the Seaside Knitters Club and the story occurs in the small seaside town of Sea Harbor.  This book is the ninth book in the series. The story centers around the four members of the Seaside Knitters Club and their friends and families. When there is a murder at the local private school they become involved trying to find the murderer.

The author has created characters that you care about and are believable. I didn’t want the book to end and will read more of this great series.  If you like cozies you will love this book, highly recommend.